Ribbed Cotton Cowl


The last few days here in my part of the world have been cold!  The sky has been spitting snow and ice at us occasionally and it is time for bundling up in warm clothes.  It’s also time to finish up all the last minute Christmas presents.  This cowl works up fairly fast and is super soft and warm.

For these cowls I used the pattern found here.

I worked it using the directions for the 33″ cowl but I used an N hook.  My cowl is a bit smaller around, but I like it that way.  Of course, if you want it bigger around, just work a few more chains.  The yarn that I used is Sweet Pea by Queensland.

I used 2 skeins for each cowl, and worked rounds until I ran out of yarn.  For most of them, I worked 23 rounds.  I think this is a discontinued yarn but you can find some in my Etsy shop.